Add Warmth, Ambiance, and Comfort to Your Home

Convert Your Wood Fireplace to Gas

Change your wood-burning fireplace into a beautiful, warm and easy-to-use gas insert. From a simple swap to a whole fireplace remodel, a whole new way to enjoy your home is within reach. Learn more.

Add A Fireplace To A Room You Love 

If you’d like to add a fireplace where one doesn’t exist, we can help! Whether you’re finishing a basement, updating a family room, or expanding a master suite, it’s possible to add a fireplace or stove to virtually any space on any level, no matter the age of your home. Learn more

Replace Your Fireplace For A Fresh Look

Does your fireplace look old fashioned? Home décor trends and technology are always changing. Luckily, fireplaces have changed too to keep up in design and functionality. Like other appliances, fireplaces should ideally be replaced every 10-15 years. Whether you’re looking to update only your fireplace or a refresh an entire room, the Fireplace Experts at Fireside Hearth & Home can help you find the perfect new fireplace to replace your existing gas fireplace. Learn more.

Madison Fireplace Experts Since 1991

At Fireside Hearth & Home, we’re been bringing friends and family together around the fire since 1991. We recognize that everyone’s project is different, which is why we will offer a fireplace solution unique to you. Learn more.