The New Normal in Lending

We have all been through a lot of change and adjustment this last 120 days, no one could have anticipated all the new challenges that presented themselves in this ‘new normal’, we have had to just figure it out.

Specifically looking at the lending industry, it has been practically turned upside down, teams working from home, updating technology for some to be able to work from home efficiently, tightening of underwriting guidelines due to concerns about job loss, furloughs and forbearance requests, learning quickly how do allow borrowers to e-sign closing documents effectively and easily along with a list of numerous other adjustments too long to share in this newsletter. Here’s the point: we learned how to adjust and have been able to continue to help our clients with their financing needs, 120 days ago, we might not have thought this was even possible. We are fortunate to be in an industry where we can work from home and through use of technology, continue to operate as close to ‘normal’, if there is such a thing right now.  The interest rate environment continues to be extremely favorable; rates are anticipated to stay low for a long time, most experts predict into later 2021 before we see any significant changes, we will see how this plays out. We are grateful for the opportunities we have had and that continue to be in front of us, we will keep helping clients and our referral partners, one at a time. Wishing everyone continued success and the hope that this will pass and we all can again get out comfortably and safely. Feel free to each out to us, access to our team is available at

Joe Theisen, Branch Manager
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp
Madison, WI