Mortgage Update – August 2020

As we enter our 5th month of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Safer at Home lifestyle, to say these months have been interesting for all of us would be a huge understatement.  Not one day has gone by in these past months that I haven’t thought how blessed I am to be in the residential lending business.  While many industries and businesses have gone through severe struggles, the real estate and mortgage industries have persisted, and in many cases thrived.  Learning how to do business in a new way and to take advantage of the technology we have access to has been great, we have learned new ways to communicate and effectively transfer information to buyers and sellers along the way.  I believe that a teamwork approach between Lender and Realtor is essential.  Together we help our clients understand their options, feel informed, and ultimately buy and sell property.  The last several months have reaffirmed this belief! 

As a mortgage lender my job is to help Buyers get to a point of clarity with their goals and to transparently convey information to them both during the pre-approval phase and during the actual loan phase.  It is imperative that lenders overcommunicate with Realtors now more than ever.  We also need to be more thorough, accurate, and timely than EVER before.  Our job is to send your buyers out prepared to shop for homes during what we all know are challenging times. When sellers want fewer people inside their homes and people are worried about this virus, the last thing anyone needs is going out to show homes without the ability to buy efficiently. 

Teamwork is needed to help keep you safe and put your time to the most productive use.  We believe in a very fast, complete and clear pre-approval for buyers.  We want to send you out showing homes or reviewing offers with full clarity on what these buyers want and can manage financially.  Other lenders are extending their turn times because of increased refinancing, while we have created a two-lane system where a purchase contract takes precedence over a refinance – always.  We have created a loan approval system for our pre-approved buyers to go through a full underwrite and receive a TBD approval, subject only to appraisal and title.  I have had the pleasure of working with many of you and I thank you for those opportunities.  For those of you whom I haven’t had the chance to work with, I would love an opportunity to interview to be your lender.  I can promise you the following things: speed, transparency, clarity and an honest approach to your buyer’s situation.  If trouble arises, I will call you immediately so we can problem solve as a team.  We offer every product a buyer may need (Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, WHEDA) and are well-versed in all of these options. Our team also offers a unique approach of a rotating Weekend Coverage system where we can assist you live on a weekend! 

I want to thank you for reading and thank you for pushing our real estate market and local economy forward during these times. 




Ryan Smith, NMLS # 287314
Producing Branch Manager
17 Applegate Ct, Suite 100 & 10, Madison WI 53713