Connecting With Buyers Through Drone Photography

Clouds drift and light falls through leafy trees onto the porch of a secluded home. We suspend the viewer in time and space, capturing for a moment the essence and beauty of this place. They quickly envision their kids playing in the yard, their family taking walks through the neighborhood, and the feelings of what life might be like in this new home.

Aerial photography is about so much more than just showing details of a home, itʼs about evoking an emotional connection with the viewer and building a relationship between them and the property. As a listing agent, you provide the solution to a buyerʼs one explicit problem: “Where will my family and I spend the next chapter of our lives?”. This is a big question and can feel overwhelming to most people. A buyer whoʼs more emotionally invested in a home will be easier to close and require less negotiation overall.

Does Drone Photography Help Sell Homes?

According to Multiple Listing Service statistics in 2019, properties with accompanying aerial imagery were 68% more likely to sell than properties without aerial imagery. It should be clear that with more buyers hesitating to visit open-houses and vetting properties almost exclusively online, that the value of aerial photography to a buyer will continue to increase.

Besides the benefits Iʼve already listed, here are a few additional points of value:

• Unique perspectives of the property and land that potential buyers canʼt get from just driving by

• The condition of the roof, the home, and the property overall • Proximity to neighboring houses, the neighborhood and local amenities

• Views of the terrain and the type of land the property is situated on

Lastly, let’s touch on your personal brand as an agent. Itʼs no surprise that, similar to photography, real estate is a saturated market with a lot of competition. Drone photography doesnʼt just help sell homes, it helps sell you and your potential as an agent. As with any profession, your reputation goes a long way and is built upon two major factors: praise from past clients and perception towards your skillset and professionalism. By going above and beyond for your sellers you build a reputation around trust and success, leading to bigger sales and bigger commissions.

Iʼve laid out the clear benefits of drone photography for both buyers and sellers of real estate, but whats the drawback here? There is one drawback and itʼs an obvious one: it costs money. Youʼll spend a bit out of your commission to hire an experienced, licensed and insured drone photographer. Maybe itʼs crossed your mind to just invest in a drone for yourself, become certified for commercial use, and become proficient in flying and operating a drone over expensive property. This can be a viable path, after all some agents do find success in taking their own listing photos. Most will find, though, that the time and cost needed for success on that path just isnʼt worth it when you could focus your time on acquiring new clients. The cost to work with a professional photographer then becomes less of an issue as it frees your time and increases your reputation as a quality agent.

Iʼd love to hear from you and get your perspective on what Iʼve laid out here. Have you worked with a drone operator to provide aerial imagery for your listings? What was your experience? Let me know in the comments or feel free to reach out at the email below.

Thanks for reading!

Kyle Wege is a commercial photographer and a certified FAA part 107 drone pilot. He owns and operates Crimson Sun Studios which is located in Madison, WI and services southern Wisconsin.