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Need to know…plan ahead!

Building material suppliers that we deal with have informed us that the cost of materials will be going up in 2021 by at least 8%.  Products include building materials and stone/landscaping materials.  Supplies for door, windows, trim, appliances, and common materials for the remodeling we did in 2020 we hard to come by.  Special ordering was necessary often and the time to deliver was usually an extra month than what was normal pre-covid.  Best thing to do for your 2021 project is plan ahead.  Give yourself time to plan, choose your products and order them well in advance so that the project goes smoothly

Insurance trends indicate movement to include wind/hail damage 1% deductible for property coverage.  This can be extremely costly if you have a claim.  Let our insurance partner agency check your policy and see if he can find other areas to assure you have the appropriate coverages.  Sometimes, agents go too quickly and skip or miss things.  Be sure you’re covered and not paying too much.  We have 45 commercial insurance companies bid against each other for your business.

Tips to help minimize your expenses later…  preventative measures and maintenance care:

Landscaping Winter Prep – many common shrubs are susceptible to frost/winter burn. Evergreen shrubs like Dwarf Alberta Spruce and Boxwoods often see the most damage.  The reason is that their needles hold moisture and evergreens can consume or lose moisture all year.  Deciduous ornamental trees like the Japanese Maple can die due to severe cold without having their roots protected.  To prevent winter burn and death, like the Japanese Maples suffered, wrap your evergreens with burlap and cover the roots of the Japanese Maple with hay or leaves.  It is not too late to take care of this.  Let us know if we can be of help.

House Winter Prep – two essential things to do to prepare your home for winter and the damage it can cause via extreme cold or snow and thaw are 1) shutting off your valve to your outdoor spicket to prevent pipe bursting and 2) running heating coil along your gutters and eves to prevent ice dams.  3) Have your gutters and roof cleared of leaves and debris to protect your roof shingles and prevent ice damming. Our techs or other companies can still do this for you now.

Leaky windows?  The good ol’ plastic sheeting hung with double sided sticky tape is still a go-to for many WI residents.  You can also be sure the storms are properly put on, that window and surrounds are properly caulked/sealed, add storm doors and windows, and if extreme, budget to replace doors and windows.  Because replacement is expensive, budget accordingly.  Not every window is made the same and if the installation was shotty, you wasted your money, so be sure to pick a certified factory installing company to buy and install your windows and doors.  We would be happy to assist in your professional assessment and selection for this.

Wood shrinkage? Winter air is often extremely dry compared to our summers.  Moisture content in the air particles is low and therefore your homes’ furniture and flooring will shrink.  To prevent this, run a humidifier.  Most furnaces can have a humidifier added to it so your house is evenly moisturized.  Have a licensed professional do this and explain the settings.  It is possible to set the humidity too high and end up with drippy windows which can damage natural wood sashes and panes.  We can recommend some great service companies for this.

Insulation/air flow – Unfortunately, many homes built are not properly insulated or the insulation was placed in a way that prevents the natural airflow a home needs to properly insulate and ventilate… especially in the attics.  Exterior venting goes unnoticed which can be done in spring, but if you have questions, lets get an expert over to help.


“Prima Pros has been a one-stop shop for all types of repairs and remodeling work–it seems no job is too small! And they have been reliable and professional, and they respond quickly. I’ve been very impressed!”

Deena Cortright – Broker Associate, CRS, GRI, ABR, SFR, ASP – Restaino & Associates

“Moved into a new home and on the day I moved in they began remodeling my basement. Great group of professionals who are highly skilled, and did a great job on how modern my basement looks. I will hire them again to do further work in the future!” 

Jeremy Crowell

“I had an issue with a screened-in porch located under a large deck. It was deteriorating and allowing fungus to grow on the cement slab. The 6 person hot tube on that slab had also failed. I wanted the screened- porch to be torn out and the hot tub gone. Both the upper and lower decks needed to be power washed and some additional repairs made. Prima pros agreed to bid the work and they came in lower than I expected. The job was finished by 1 man (Bart) in 2.5 days and I could not believe the high quality of work in cold rainy conditions. This is a five ***** (star) company with a five ***** (star) contractor. Thank you Prima and Bart.

Geoff T, Cross Plains, Wi.


The Prima Difference

Built on the core values of service, honesty and integrity, Prima has positioned itself as the premier property service company in Dane county, with presence in Metro-Milwaukee, Fox Valley and Green Bay.  They select, train and certify contracting professionals to partner with on your projects.  When becoming a cared for client of Prima, you work with the Prima Team to get your project done, we deal with the contractors.  What does that mean to you?

  1. Someone takes your call when you call for a quote or information
  2. If you leave a message, your call is returned timely
  3. You get an appointment set up to look at your project right away
  4. Scheduling and completing your project is faster than going direct
  5. You pay the same amount as going direct, but now with a “Partner” on your side!
  6. One call, you can get everything done
  7. You know that you have licensed and properly insured contractors
  8. Added layer of insurance if something goes wrong, keep any problems away from you
  9. If something doesn’t go well, Prima makes it right. You do nothing, but let us know!

Let us know how we can help. We've got you covered!

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