Moving Forward: A Partner in Your Next Move

Moving Forward helps seniors and their families plan, coordinate and organize every detail of their move for a smooth and easy transition to their new home.  Not A Senior, That Is Fine… we also help young moms, professionals and others who do not have the time or desire to work through all the needed steps for a move.

With families geographically dispersed and not always able to assist with downsizing or moving, Moving Forward offers services to fit the needs of the client. 

Moving Forward will assist the client to organize, sort, pack, downsize, move, take items to donation centers or to family members, remove trash, arrange for profitable disposal of unwanted items through auction, buy-out, consignment or a combination. Realtors appreciate our services to ready a home for sale in days instead of weeks.  Before the home is put on the market, we will also provide cleaning services and do minor repairs.  Families have requested our assistance on estate clean outs. 

Some clients will ask us to assist in helping them to set up the space in their new home.

We will work with them on the floor plan in the new space to ensure they don’t move too much or too little.  We will unpack items and place them as determined, hang pictures, put dishes in cupboards and make beds, so that everything is in place.  What a great feeling when they walk into their new home and everything is arranged beautifully and is ready for them to relax and enjoy it!

We frequently assist individuals who choose to stay in their own home but simply require a skilled person to assist them in “aging in place” concepts so that they can stay in their home while improving their quality of life.  This includes downsizing, decluttering and rearranging furniture.  If they are not quite ready to move, this allows them have accomplished things that will help a future move be less stressful.

Marianne Gariti started Moving Forward in February of 2014.  She understands that moving can be an overwhelming life change.  What Marianne brings through her company is a sense of direction, calm and confidence so that what seemed overwhelming becomes attainable.  She moves your memories with you into your new home.  The clients and families are relieved and pleased to have the work completed without all the stress and backaches. There is no higher honor than assisting families in transition, and we do it with compassion.