Concierge Spotlight: Basement Repair Specialists

Basement Repair Specialists has been in business for 10 years. Since the beginning we have had one goal in mind, offer high quality basement repair at excellent prices. Our commitment to honesty and great service has led us to be in the top 1% of contractors in Wisconsin. We strive to find the best solutions to each home’s individual issues. Most of the business that the company earns is due to its philosophy of educating the customer and assisting them to make the right decision. 

Here are the common issues we provide solutions for:

Basement Water Control

We develop a custom solution that utilizes the best method of repair. The University of Minnesota did a study in 2006 on the best methods of water control repair. We utilize the method for interior drain tile that they found to be the most effective. Whether it needs exterior or interior water control we have all the tools to make sure it’s done the right way. We back our water control work with a 20 year transferable warranty.

Basement Wall Repair

Depending on the severity of the movement we can excavate and push the wall back into place and then secure it with carbon fiber straps. In many instances, excavation is not needed. Either way we provide the only solution approved by the ICC and offer a fully transferable lifetime warranty.

Settling Foundations

We utilize RamJack piles to secure your home against any further settlement. These piles are driven down to load bearing stratum, past the bad soil that is causing your settlement issues. We have the best warranty in the business, a fully transferable lifetime warranty.

Crack Repair

Getting cracks repaired the right way is important. We utilize a hydrophobic polyurethane foam. The key is that we take our time to do it right and make sure the material expands all the way through the crack sealing it to the outside from moisture. We back our crack repair with a transferable 20-year warranty.

Basement Window Solutions

Have a leaking basement window? Often times this can be fixed by replacing that window with a glass block window. Add a new window well with better drainage and a cover and your window will stay dry.

We offer full-service egress window installation. We take care of it all. Every package comes with a fiberglass reinforced well with steps and a cover. We have several different window size installation options available to make sure we meet your needs.


Our name may have basement in the title but we are experts at crawlspace maintenance, too. From water control to encapsulation or better post and beam support we have a solution for crawlspaces.

Not All Cracks Are Created Equal…

When you see a crack in your foundation or basement wall there are several factors at play. There are two things that are true about concrete, no one will steal it, and it will crack. The nature of the crack is very important in telling the story of the crack and can help to determine if it’s just a standard curing crack or if it’s related to more troublesome structural issues.

Concrete can crack during the curing process when the water in the mix evaporates as the concrete hardens. Sometimes this process happens too quickly and can lead to concrete shrinkage cracks. These cracks are usually hairline in nature when they start out and usually vertical. They can widen over time as water or water vapor enters the crack and evaporates. When the water migrates, it brings with it calcium salts from within the cement.  These calcium salts are left behind and they are corrosive to concrete and can slowly eat away causing the crack to widen.  You may notice a white residue on your basement walls, this is called efflorescence and the result of this process.

A curing crack in your basement wall will almost certainly lead to water leaking through it. There are also two types of cracks in basement walls: those that leak and those that will leak. Fixing a curing crack from leaking is a straightforward process. We utilize a polyurethane hydrophobic foam that we inject into the crack with low pressure to seal from the inside out. To do this we seal the crack with epoxy and attach injection ports over the crack. These ports are where we slowly inject the foam material which expands inside the crack filling it all the way from the inside out creating a waterproof barrier.

If the crack is horizontal through the middle of the wall or diagonal in nature and usually near the corners, these types of cracks are usually signs of inward deflection. This results in either a tipping or bowing basement wall.  These cracks have the potential to leak and should be sealed with polyurethane hydrophobic foam but they are also the sign of a structural issue as well. If during the evaluation, it’s determined that inward deflection is present then we would fix the wall utilizing Fortress Carbon Fiber Straps. If the deflection is excessive then the wall needs to be excavated, drain tile and exterior waterproofing added and pushed back into place along with securing with carbon fiber it to ensure it’s structural integrity.  If the deflection is not too bad, then we can secure the wall in place and restore it’s structural integrity with the carbon fiber straps. The Fortress Carbon Fiber Straps we utilize are over four times stronger than steel. This system is also the only ICC approved system and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty that is fully transferable to future owners.

Another type of crack is a settlement crack. These types of crack are usually wider at the top tan the bottom and are a result of foundation settlement. Foundation settlement occurs when the foundation is on poor soils that are unable to properly sustain the load of the structure or expansive clay soils that shrink and expand depending on moisture content. This essentially creates a yo-yo effect with your foundation.  In order to determine if there is foundation settlement, we draw the house up and do a level survey using a Zip level that uses thermostatic barometric pressure to measure the difference in elevation.  With these readings we are able to determine if there is settlement in the foundation. If this is the case then the option is to repair by using helical piles or driven piles. These piles are advanced through the bad soil down to good solid soil, called load bearing stratum or to bedrock. Depending on the situation we have the option of trying to recover the settlement to maximum practical recovery or keeping it where it’s at and ensuring that it will never settle again. We utilize RamJack piles and provide a lifetime warranty against future settlement. This warranty is fully transferable to future owners.

Here at Basement Repair Specialists we offer a solution for just about any issues that may arise regarding your foundation. We evaluate each house individually and determine the best course of action for your individual need. Whether you have water in your basement and you are looking for water control solutions, have bowing, tipping, or sheared walls, foundation settlement, leaking cracks, or need an egress window we will provide a solution just for you. If you have a crawlspace that has issues don’t think that because we have Basement in our name, we can’t help you too. We offer water control and encapsulation in crawlspaces as well.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a great value, great projects, and with a great experience.

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