Concierge Spotlight: Ever Ready Electric

When buying or selling a home, it is important that it is move in ready for you or the new owner(s)

That may mean it is time to get the electrical items up to current code requirements. Codes have changed as the years roll by. What may have been standard and passed code when the home was built, may not be considered safe now. Ever Ready Electric can help with updating the electrical in your home. Whether it is your own punch list of items to repair or add or a list based on an Inspection Report, whatever your need, we are EVER READY!

For those preparing to Sell: Start a list of items as you walk thru your home as you are preparing to sell and getting ready to move on to the next adventure (chapter) in your life. That quirky switch that needs an extra wiggle to come on, or the switch at the end of the hall has to be up for the one on this end to work. Time to have it looked at. The light fixture with the broken globe you just never got time to replace. Now is the time for a new fixture. The electric panel that was never labeled because you know which breaker is which. It is now time to get it labeled. The outlet that the plugs never stay plugged in to, it is time to replace them. The recessed cans that the trims have yellowed on over time – now is the time to update them with fresh new LED trims. The heirloom light fixture passed down generation to generation, time to have it taken down and packed up to move with you and have a new fixture installed.

For those looking to Buy: Start writing a list as you walk-thru your future home – envisioning all the wonderful memories you will be making there in years to come. Perhaps a Dimmer would be nice in the Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bath Room? What about Timers for the Bath Fans? How about updating the Light Fixtures or Ceiling Fans or Fan/Lights? Are you bringing your Dryer and Range from your existing house? Are you buying a new Dryer and Range? Are the Dryer and Range cords compatible with the wall outlet that is there? Are they all up to code? Are you going to be adding circuits to the electric panel? Security System? Audio System? Electric Car? Does the current panel have room? Does it need upgrading or a sub-panel added? Do you need security lighting added outside? What about a GFCI outlet with audible alarm – know when the freezer, the sump pump or dog fence is off.

Buying or Selling, there are a vast number of decisions to make. Let us ease your mind and your workload and help to take care of all of your electric needs.

Company History:

Ever Ready Electric, Inc. is a family-owned company serving southern Wisconsin since 1994.

Our biggest asset is our employee’s & their commitment to provide you with the type of service & respect you deserve. Our team consists of office personnel & electricians who are: professional, trained, knowledgeable & friendly. We don’t hire anyone we wouldn’t want working in our own home.

We take pride in the numerous awards we have won. Receiving such awards makes us aware of how our company is viewed & how we need to continue. We are dedicated to high quality work at a reasonable price, treating each job as if it were our own home.

Call now to schedule your Free Estimate to get your project started. Once we begin we will be available to do a Free Walk-thru with you.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future, & remember…

“For all your electrical needs, we are EVER READY!”

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