Concierge Spotlight: Washa Remodeling and Design

People are remodeling, and they are doing it at breakneck speed. Maybe it’s because we spent so much time in our homes during COVID?  It became our office, restaurant, entertainment, spa and more!

The one thing that hasn’t changed through all this turmoil though is the fact that they still want their master bathroom to be spa like.  Many homeowners are still opting to remove the tub in favor of a larger walk-in shower, double vanity, or both if space permits.  The easiest way to find the room is if the home still has one of that corner jetted tub that was used the first week it was installed and then never again.  This is a blank canvas for improvement and a great suggestion to help homeowners.

In large showers homeowners are still expressing desire for multiple spray nozzles, including rain heads, body sprays, and hand held.  They’re also starting to think ahead requesting a zero or low clearance entry shower so that they can age in place.  However, this does require a bit of preplanning so remind them to talk to their contractor about this early in the process. 

Two other things that instantly turn that master into a spa retreat are heated floors.  These are an electrical mat placed under the tile and are used as a supplemental heat not a main heat source.  Imagine stepping out of your shower onto a warm heated floor.  The other spa feel addition is a towel warmer.  Usually mounted to a wall it keeps your towel warm and ultimately you warm too on the transition from warm shower to your next destination.

All of these styles and trends are good for some and better for others.  Don’t hesitate to reach out to Washa Remodeling and Design, we love to help homeowners who are looking for help.

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