Make Home Your “Theater”

“Home” today is not what it was a few years ago.  Currently your “Home” is also a restaurant, hotel, spa, gym, classroom, office, and entertainment venue.

With all the hours a family spends at home today one needs to ensure they’re protecting their family’s sanity. Popular now more than at any time prior, is improving or creating a Home Theater space for entertainment and/or gaming.

Enjoy the ultimate cinema experience without leaving your house. There is nothing like the moment when the overheads dim, and brilliant images come to life on a screen before you and your loved ones…awash in light, music and sound…all in a beautiful, comfortable personal space in your own home. The power to entertain, transport, and inspire is here in the form of a world-class home theater. A home theater professional can help you configure the ultimate experience to fit nearly any room size and budget.

When looking into your Home Theater project here are some ideas to consider:

  • The Room
    • Identify where you want your set-up. It might be the main living area, a spare bedroom, or a basement movie palace complete with a popcorn machine.
  • The Sound
    • Speaker technology is wonderfully advanced, and competition among top speaker manufacturers has helped drive the cost down and quality up. When considering your audio needs, look at ideal heights and distances, and speakers for front, center, and rear.
  • Viewing
    • A main consideration of any home theater set-up is a high-definition display. The temptation is to equate size with increased viewing pleasure, but there are limits. You’re looking for the right combination of display size and viewing angle.
  • Projectors and LED Technology
    • Reproduction quality from top-quality projectors can be impressive, but the real news on the projector front is the development of LED “lampless” technology. High-intensity LEDs run cooler and are much more energy efficient than traditional projector lamps, offer thousands of hours more of useful life, and easily provide the intense firepower needed to throw a clear, sharp image at a big screen.

In summary here is your takeaway.

The Home Theater experience should come as close as possible to re-creating the big theater experience. Creating this is different in every home depending on budget and individual tastes.

Consult Fearing’s to speak with one of our experts who can help design the perfect Home Theater for the place you eat, work, and entertain!


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