Refinishing Your Hardwood Flooring

Sergenian’s partnership with Bona, the trusted leader in floor refinishing technology and products, ensures our customers are receiving the best wood floor refinishing service available. We employ only Bona Certified Craftsmen – hand-picked, top-notch professionals trained and tested by Bona – who follow the highest industry standards to leave you with beautiful and durable refinished wood floors. Bona’s system routes dust created during the sanding process to a trailer outside your home, leaving the air inside clean and safe. After sanding, our certified craftsmen apply low-odor, water-based Bona finishes to your floor. To ensure that we provide you with the best service, a typical refinishing project takes three to five days to complete, though you will be able to walk on the floor wearing socks within four to six hours of the final coat of finish. Sergenians Will move furniture throughout the home, certain items are disallowed please ask for more information.

Sergenians Also offers “ Intense Cleaning”, and “Clean, Screen and Recoat” services for maintaining your floors in between total refinishes.

The link below will show you a video that shows the whole process!


Tips and Maintenance For Hardwood Floors 

Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly to keep it clean and free of dust, sand and other abrasive materials. Place area rugs or doormats at entryways to help prevent sand grit, oils, dirt and other abrasive or staining materials from being tracked onto the floor surface from outdoors. (Avoid rubber-backed or similarly dense matting materials that may trap moisture between the mat and the floor; choose mats that enable airflow.) Place protective mats at high-use work areas such as sinks, ranges and workstations, Protect the floor from any exposure to liquids, water and other forms of moisture. Blot up any spilled food, drink or other liquid immediately. Never wet mop the floor when cleaning. Avoid walking on the floor with wet feet or footwear. Hardwood flooring will naturally undergo a change in color as it adjusts to the ambient light conditions of your home environment. The degree of color change varies by species. To ensure a uniform change, it is recommended that you do not place area rugs on the new floor for sixty days after installation. Thereafter, periodic re-arrangement of furniture and area rugs will help ensure that your flooring colors evenly. Put felt protector pads on the feet of all furniture and accessories that will be placed directly onto the floor surface. Avoid letting sharp or pointed objects come into contact with the floor surface.

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