How does a homeowners warranty work?

A major mechanical or electrical failure is frustrating to say the least, but when you are buying or selling your home, it can put an unexpected strain on your budget.  With a UHP Home Warranty, you’ll have security, confidence and peace of mind when you need it most. 

When selling your home, a home warranty makes your home more attractive to potential buyers by adding peace of mind knowing their budget will be protected.  You are also able to take advantage of our risk-free coverage if a failure occurs while you’re marketing your home with a Realtor.  Payment is only required if the property closes, even if claims have been filed during the listing period.

When buying your home, you can relax knowing your budget will be protected when the furnace or water heater stop working.  You can have confidence knowing you’ll be working reputable service contractors in your area and you can renew your warranty year after year to maintain peace of mind that our warranty provides.

Universal Home Protection is Wisconsin’s premier home warranty company.  UHP has been in business since 1992 and is based right here in Madison. Whether you choose the Basic, Elite or Ultimate warranty, you get more items covered at a lower cost than their competitors.  For more details about UHP and our warranties, please visit

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