8 Ways to Encourage a Meaningful New Year

by Courtney Carver bemorewithless

I love a gentle transition from one year to the next and linger in that transition twice a year, in December and again in June when I celebrate my own brand-new year.

Instead of holding onto expectations of ourselves or others and keeping a firm grip on goals, it feels healthier to create a few times a year to check in, assess, edit, and move forward. Being more intentional about what we want (and don’t want) in our lives allows us to not only make progress towards changes we are making but gives us a chance to learn and enjoy along the way.

As we move into the final days of one year, I like to think about what will make the next one the most meaningful. When my actions are infused with meaning and my thoughts with gratitude, life seems sweeter and my connections and commitments are stronger.

8 Ways to Encourage a Meaningful New Year

  1. Dress with Less. Turn your attention away from clearance sales and special email offers or trying to purchase something on the outside to feel better on the inside. The next official season of minimalist fashion challenge Project 333 begins on January 1st. Start the new year with a shopping ban and commitment to wear your favorite things every day.
  2. Give back. Look for ways during the year to give your time, talent and treasure and to inspire others to give too. When we join forces, we have even more to give. I’ll be giving to my local food bank, Together Rising and The Loveland Foundation.
  3. Dump stress. A stressful, chaotic life is not your cross to bear. Even if you think you created it or invited the stress in, you don’t deserve it. My entire simplicity journey started from the desire to reduce stress so I could live well with MS. If you want to feel better and live better, search some of the health articles on Be More with Less for more.
  4. Write it down. Make a list of everything you want for the new year. Make another list of everything you want to let go of. Keep your lists front and center as you make decisions to encourage a more meaningful year for yourself.
  5. Get your microbusiness off the ground. Is 2022 the year that you develop a side biz? Grow a blog? Or start being more creative because it’s fun to be more creative? If you’ve been thinking about getting started, try this microcourse: How to Create a Microbusiness that Matters.
  6. Say goodbye to these 9 things.
  7. Take really good careUse these reminders to prioritize self-care. Self care may sound selfish or indulgent but when you remember how much better you feel and how much more you have to give when you are taking good care, you’ll realize that it benefits everyone around you too.
  8. Find your people. Surround yourself with thoughtful, like-hearted people who are simplifying their lives too. Especially if you don’t have the support in your day-to-day life, create inspiration, connection and accountability in The Simplicity Space.

These are only recommendations. Try one, try them all or create your own.

Identify what matters most to you and start saying yes to things that support that and no to anything that doesn’t. That commitment alone will make the new year your most meaningful year ever.