120 Things to Remove from Your Life

by Courtney Carver bemorewithless

My simplicity journey is gentle. My decluttering journey was slow. I didn’t wake up one morning cancel my cable television, quit my job and throw all my stuff in a dumpster. One small change led to another. It’s been an inch by inch, shirt by vase by book process of letting go. I’ve simplified and edited every part of my life and continue to approach my life and work with a less is more philosophy.

The slow and steady way is the only one that has ever worked for me in terms of sustainable change. That said, picking up the speed and intensity on my simplicity journey in little bursts has helped me make progress, have more fun and maintain motivation. I’ve shared a lot about personal challenges and experiments like this one and this one.

A Challenge For Your Simplicity Journey

Set aside a little time to let go of the following 120 items. The faster the better so you don’t overthink and convince yourself to hold on. Fun music will help. Challenging a friend to join will make it more fun. Do it to make space. Do it for more light. Do it to smile. Do it because things are too heavy and too much right now. When excuses pop up, turn up the music.

120 Things To Remove From Your Life

10 spices you never use (or sauces, condiments etc.).
You know you have these.

10 articles of clothing that don’t fit (your body or your lifestyle).
You aren’t wearing them so why give them your space, time and attention?

10 emails sitting in your email box.
Your inbox is not your to-do list.

10 things that bother you (that you have no control over) as they roll around in your mind.
Write them down and throw it away. When they come back, repeat.

10 books you’ve already read.
Pass them on. There will always be more books.

10 apps on your phone.
Look for the ones you haven’t opened in a month or the ones that are open for hours a day.

10 random cords.
Find your box or drawer of cords, most of which you never use, never used and will not use again. Let go. I say this with love. I’ve been there.

10 Facebook friends.
Come on, are they really your friends? If you don’t want to sit down for dinner with these people, why are you spending time with their vacation photos?

10 goals, hopes or dreams for the future that you’ve held on to but don’t really care about anymore.
You are allowed to have new goals, hopes and dreams but you have to make room for them.

10 expectations you have for an adult that isn’t you.
You can’t want something for someone more than they want it for themselves. This is not your job or your responsibility and it results in constant disappointment (for you and them).

10 coffee mugs.
Then you can use your favorite mug every day.

Some of these are easy and some are more challenging. Set a timer and see how long it takes and then try it next week and see if you can beat your time. Have fun with it! Then, go back to gentle, consistent tiny steps.



P.S. If one of these categories doesn’t apply to you, simply substitute one that does.