Lange’s Painting, LLC

Give your cabinets a refresh with a splash of color!

At Lange’s Painting we are cabinet refinishing / repainting specialists ready to assist with your interior and exterior jobs.

Steps to repainting cabinets:

  1. Remove cabinet doors and drawers.
  2. Remove cabinet hardware.
    1. If new hardware is to be installed, putty old holes with wood filler.
  3. Sand cabinets to abrade old finish to accept new finish. 
  4. Wipe cabinets clean to microfiber cloths to remove at residual dust. 
  5. Apply one coat of oil-based bonding primer. 
  6. Lightly sand primer coat to remove any imperfections in the prime coat. 
  7. Spray apply or brush and roll 2/3 coats of enamel finish. 
    1. If spraying, protect all adjacent finishes from over spray.
    2. If brush and roll, use 1/4” nap rollers to minimize stipple. Use brushes the least amount as the brush strokes will be most visible. Lastly, add a small amount of Floetrol to the finish coat to help it level out. 
  8. Enamel based paints take 1-2 weeks to fully cure. Do not use cleaners on them until fully cured. 

At Lange’s Painting we are cabinet refinishing / repainting specialists ready to: 

Lange’s Painting is a family-owned business by brothers Bernie and Stephen Lange. We have over 20 years of combined painting experience. Before starting Lange’s Painting, Stephen worked for Sherwin Williams Paint as an assistant manager, manager and residential repaint sales representative. He has immense knowledge of products and field operations. Bernie worked in the field for a few years before co-owning a commercial painting company in Milwaukee for 8 years. At Lange’s Painting, we have great group of 8 dedicated and hardworking painters that work along side us. 

Lange’s Painting specializes in high end interior/exterior residential painting, light commercial painting, power washing, cabinet refinishing/repainting, pre-finishing wood work on our shop, light drywall/plaster repair, texturing, and epoxy floors. We are lead renovation certified.

Lange’s Painting, LLC
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