Today’s LinkedIn Tip

Social media is a beast. Each platform has its own language, cheats, algorithms, weaknesses and stylistic conventions. 

Today, let’s focus on a LinkedIn tip. There are key operational differences and possibilities for posting from a corporate account versus a personal account. Let’s say you’re a Realtor, posting from your personal account and you want to show multiple photos. You have options. You could use a photo collage app and make one photo, but the photos will be much smaller and harder to focus on. Even better: you can post multiple photos easily and tag people within each photo. Simply click on “start a post” either on your desktop or your phone. Click on the “add a photo” button before you type anything. Your photo library will pull up. Select multiple photos that you’d like on your post. If on desktop, use control and click method. Then tag people or companies that are each pictured in your photos. Click the right arrow to scroll to the next photo to continue tagging.

One you hit “done” it’ll take you to the screen where you can input what you’d like to say, tag others, use your strategic hashtags and other relevant commentary!  Once you hit “post,” you’ve now become versed in multi-photo posts from your personal account. Enjoy!

Struggling with social media? Let me know if there’s a topic you’d like me to cover!
Laura Kaiser, founder of Engage Social Media, has been passionate about helping individuals and businesses better navigate what works on their social media platforms, as well as event planning, branding, newsletters and other marketing initiatives. She can be reached at or connect with her on LinkedIn.m/