Looking at Today’s Challenges

Welcome to November!

This year certainly has gone by quickly, as we experienced going through the last couple of years and how fast it seems those went by, 2022 has gone even faster, and presented a wider range of challenges across the mortgage and real estate industries.

Much of what we are experiencing has not happened for 20+ years, and some of it since the early 1990’s, this dramatic shift has forced lenders and loan originators (and yes, consumers as well) to think and approach things differently. It is normal for fear or concern to set in, it is human nature, however, our ability to take those concerns and turn them positive is key.    

We know there is business taking place, homes are being listed, homes are being purchased, mortgage transactions are being done, and it does not completely stop.  Consumers that make the decision to move forward and have the ability to do so, no matter the market conditions, will follow their plan.   These are the opportunities we have to focus on, this is what drives sales people, the ability to accentuate the positive, find the opportunities and help the consumer realize their goal.

Is it easy?  Not a chance, but personally have learned over the years, everything worthwhile, does not come easy, it comes with hard work, focus, grit, energy, commitment and mindset of taking one day at a time, one win at a time.  Not everything will turn out exactly how we wanted it to, the fun part is we will get new opportunities to shine, to turn something that didn’t go perfect into a better situation.  This is one of those time periods, we will get through it, and come out the other side even stronger.

As we look into 2023, the outlook is for interest rates to level off and start to come down, we will hit the spring market with new optimism. At Fairway, we are grateful to be in an industry where we continue to help and serve, and give back!

Continued Success,
Joe Theisen

Joe Theisen, Branch Manager/SVP
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp
Madison, WI
(608) 235-6152
Email: joet@fairwaymc.com