Declutter These 40 Things from Your Life Today

by Courtney Carver bemorewithless

If you want to enjoy your favorite things, only own your favorite things. The LA Times has reported that the average American home contains more than 300,000 items. It’s impossible to have 300,000 favorite things!

When you aren’t sure what to do with the stuff you are decluttering and wonder if you should donate it or sell it, make a rule. For instance, sell anything worth more than $100 and donate anything else.

Start by decluttering duplicates and extras (especially in the closet and kitchen).

1. coffee cups and water bottles
2. measuring cups & spoons
3. wooden spoons & wire whisks
4. random lids and containers that don’t match
5. the same shirt in different colors
6. handbags (yep, I went there)
7. sunglasses
8. beauty products
9. sentimental items that remind you of things you don’t want to remember
10. mean things people said about you
11. old journals from a hard time
12. the news
13. clothes you spent too much money on
14. random spices and sauces
15. uncomfortable shoes
16. old makeup and other beauty supplies
17. clothes that don’t fit your body or your lifestyle
18. empty frames and other containers
19. exercise equipment
20. outdated hobby stuff
21. books you’ve already read or never plan on reading
22. junk drawer things (or the whole thing)
23. knick-knacks
24. freebies (when you bought things you didn’t need to get things you didn’t want)
25. gifts (yes, if you don’t want them, you are welcome to let them go)
26. podcasts you don’t listen to
27. music you don’t enjoy
28. documents you saved and never access
29. email you don’t need
30. subscriptions you aren’t using
31. people on social media you don’t want to follow anymore
32. apps that drain your time and energy
33. social media platforms you don’t enjoy or care about
34. photos that are duplicates or similar to others from the same event
35. photos of things you don’t remember or don’t want to remember
36. coupons or mailers you aren’t using
37. bills, statements and receipts you can get online
38. old newspapers and magazines
39. Children’s artwork and homework (save some but not all)
40. anything you’ve ever ripped out of old magazines

Just start today.  Pick an area in your house. For more inspiration visit:

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