Sex trafficking is an everyday reality in our community

Three ways to help make a difference for survivors and their children

Over the last few years, there’s been a growing awareness that sex trafficking isn’t just a “big city” issue. No Wisconsin city or town is immune from this threat—sex trafficking has been reported in every county[i]–and Brava Magazine recently ran a powerful, in-depth story about the crisis in our midst.

As people learn more about the reality of trafficking in our communities, they often ask, “What can I do now to make a difference?”

We have three suggestions for you to investigate:

Shop and share your skills at Yada Fair Trade & Resale.
After discovering how pervasive sex trafficking is, Beth Williams knew she had to do more. Her “more”? Launching Yada Fair Trade & Resale. The store gives Williams a way to do two critical things: Create community for trafficked women and their children, and raise awareness and funds to support her efforts, which include help with everything from childcare to emergency housing to car repairs.

“We can’t fix most of the issues these women face, and we can’t fix the trauma,” said Williams. “But we can listen, and we can offer tangible support. And, hopefully, the things we do create a ripple effect that changes what life looks like for the women and for the next generation.”

Have time and talents to share? Williams is looking for volunteers to help meet a wide variety of needs, including the following:

  • Grant writing
  • Childcare
  • Car repairs
  • Food pantry runs
  • Help sorting clothes/running the shop
  • Marketing
  • Data base management
  • Baking and food prep

You can reach Williams directly at to learn more.

Help support housing for survivors through Zeteo Community.
Zeteo Community’s mission is to serve women who have been sexually exploited by providing residential programming and a supportive community in which they are free to dream and thrive. Often after escaping exploitation, survivors find they have few to no options of safe places to live and find healing. One survivor from our community recounts sitting in her car one day on the west side of Madison, calling different places asking for help out of her situation, but no one could help her. “Had there been somewhere for me to go, I wholeheartedly believe my life could have changed for the positive so much sooner.” 

As of this year, Zeteo Community purchased land within Dane County, completed all zoning requirements, and is on the verge of breaking ground to build two homes, a community center and therapeutic resource facilities on site to house survivors of sex trafficking within their program.

Zeteo Community is currently seeking individuals who are willing to go through their volunteer training program to serve survivors in Dane county and beyond. In addition, individuals and organizations who are interested in Giving, Learning and Sharing about Zeteo Community can head to their website at, or contact them at

Support the efforts of Project RESPECT
This life-changing organization serves both adult and juvenile victims of prostitution, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Project RESPECT provides a variety of services including outreach, advocacy, crisis intervention and counseling. Your financial and material support make a huge difference for survivors in crisis. Financial contributions help fund services, training and more and the organization is currently most in need of the following: personal care items (shampoo, conditioner, body, wash, deodorant, etc.), planners, shopping bags for their pantry, baby wipes and socks and underwear. Reach Project RESPECT at 608-283-6435 to learn more about how you can help.

[i] Fight to End Exploitation

Beth Williams
Beth Williams at Yada Fair Trade & Resale