2024 Outlook – Inflation Rates

Inflation Rates Show Significant Improvement in Early 2024,
Prompting Speculation on Federal Reserve’s Next Move

Things are moving quickly as we start 2024. We were excited to see rates come down in mid- December and are left wondering what will happen this year. While we aren’t expecting to see the lows of 2020 and 2021, it is nice to see them normalize.

Inflation has made significant progress lower after peaking in 2022, with the headline reading now at 3.4% (down from 9.1%) and the core reading at 3.9% (down from 6.6%). Remember, the Fed began aggressively hiking the Fed Funds Rate (the overnight borrowing rate for banks) in March 2022 to try to slow the economy and curb runaway inflation. Following eleven hikes in this cycle, the Fed pressed pause at their last three meetings in 2023, as signs of cooling inflation grew. Will the progress we’ve seen on inflation be enough for the Fed to shift from rate hikes to rate cuts later this year, as many economists expect?

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