Five Frogs

There is a riddle that goes:

5 frogs are sitting on a log.
4 of the frogs decide to jump off. How many frogs are left?

If you are like most of us (me included), I instantly said one. But on further reflection, I realized that I was wrong. The correct answer, of course, is five. How can that be? This riddle points out the difference between thinking about something, even deciding to do it, and doing it. Intent without action is meaningless. You’re like the frogs, still sitting on the log.

How often have you been sitting around and thought about doing something—going to the gym, finishing your novel (or maybe starting it), or making all the phone calls on our list—and then hours later, realizing you are still sitting on the sofa? You did not get up, go to the gym, go to the computer, or pick up your phone.

There’s an adage that says, “The secret to getting started is to start.” So, here are some ideas to help you do just that.

  • Define the problem and solution. The more personal you can make it, the better. Think small and manageable.
  • Write it down. Keep it in front of you, where you will see it every day. The bathroom mirror or my computer works for me.
  • Tell somebody. You are much more likely to move when there is someone you are accountable to.
  • How are you going to address (attack) your work? What’s most important? What’s first?
  • Schedule a time to start. Now might be the perfect time.

Don’t wait till it’s perfect. It never will be. Figure out why you are procrastinating. Move forward, blissfully confident that your actions will win the day.

Always remember: DO IT is an action.

Phillip J Martin

Exploring the Power of People

You succeed by choice, not chance.
Every decision you make shapes your future

Phil is a published playwright and song writer and an award-winning television writer for the Nashville Now show on TNN. He has spent 30 years as a college professor, most recently in the Department of Theatre Arts at Edgewood College in Madison, Wisconsin. He has presented at colleges, universities, conventions and symposiums across the country. In addition to writing 13 musicals, Phil has written two books: Play Hard-Have Fun: A Philosophy for Life and the soon-to-be completed Take the Stage: Leadership Lesson from Theatre. Phil believes that achieving personal and professional success requires the challenge of creative and innovative thinking, that you succeed by choice, not chance.

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