Patti Coan, of Samãpatti Yoga, impactfully guides individuals, groups, and teams in heart-centered, embodied coaching (ICF) and yoga (RYT) practices that enhance balance, strength, and flexibility both personally and professionally.

Meet On or Off the Mat | Known as a “continuous improvement” model Patti strives to approach life and work with balance, strength, and flexibility. She supports leaders, teams, and organizations in heart-centered, embodied experiences that enhance those same qualities. As an intuitive yoga teacher and professional coach, she shares practices that go below the surface, inviting clients to ignite their light to shine. Under Patti’s guidance, clients translate practices into behaviors, ultimately elevating their strengths, building new habits, and achieving results:

Off the Mat | Coaching allows a safe space to tap your inner resources. We’ve all been there, where we need help understand a challenge we’re facing. For the past 25+ years Patti has helped people bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be.  Her experience includes:

  • Individuals in the areas of leadership, career, and health and well-being
  • Fortune 50 company leaders as an organizational development and mindfulness leader
  • Regional hospital and clinical providers and their care teams as an improvement coach
  • Local small and big business leaders as an organizational consultant
  • Teachers and administrators as a gifted/talented coordinator

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On the Mat | Samāpatti” is a state of equilibrium rooted in the science and philosophy of Raja Yoga, the royal path.  Patti delivers centering, energizing, relaxing and calming yoga sessions that reduce stress and build resilience.  She’s celebrating her 11th year of teaching, connecting breath, body, and mind explorations that translate on and off the mat:

  • Dane County weekly yoga classes and mobile yoga studio
  • Regional workshops and retreats
  • Nation-wide breath and mindfulness practices
  • International guest teaching

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The Journey | Patti has a career background in performance improvement and coaching and a 24-year history exploring yoga. She earned an International Coaching Federation Credential via the NeuroLeadership Institute in NY, a Raja Yoga Certification from the Himalayan Institute in PA, and a MS in Educational Psychology and BS in Education from UW-Madison, WI.