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    Take a Look at Your Roof

    We did it!  We made it out of winter and into summer.  The weather’s warmer, the snow has melted, and the rain has arrived.  While the showers may bring flowers, the can also bring a host of problems for homeowners.  Especially homeowners with older roofs and homeowners who are unaware of the dangers water damage if you don’t catch the signs of a failing roof prior to water penetrating your home. Here are five major warning signs to look for to know if your roof could fail… There are several missing or loose shingles on your roof. Your shingles are curling, cracking, and or dry. There are loose granules from…

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    What’s Going On With Mortgage Rates?

    “What is going on with rates and what are my options?” Sound familiar?  You are not alone.  The last time conforming fixed rates increased at this dramatic rate was in 1979.  Today’s 30-year conventional fixed mortgage rate is 6% or higher in some places, which hasn’t been seen since 2008.  Home buyers have been making offers on homes site unseen and for thousands over asking price.  We have been hit with record breaking inflation and gas prices, supply chain issues, the Great Resignation, computer chip shortages, and more.  It is easy to see how it may appear doom and gloom for the housing industry.      Time to dust off those ARMs…

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    Lange’s Painting, LLC

    Give your cabinets a refresh with a splash of color! At Lange’s Painting we are cabinet refinishing / repainting specialists ready to assist with your interior and exterior jobs. Steps to repainting cabinets: Remove cabinet doors and drawers. Remove cabinet hardware. If new hardware is to be installed, putty old holes with wood filler. Sand cabinets to abrade old finish to accept new finish.  Wipe cabinets clean to microfiber cloths to remove at residual dust.  Apply one coat of oil-based bonding primer.  Lightly sand primer coat to remove any imperfections in the prime coat.  Spray apply or brush and roll 2/3 coats of enamel finish.  If spraying, protect all adjacent…

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    What’s Holding You Back?

    Are you where you want to be, where you thought you would be? Most of us — including me — would respond with a quick and an emphatic ‘no.’ There is more I want to do and more I know I can do. There are still mountains to climb, oceans to swim, and for me, songs to write. So, when should I start making that change? How about now!  I have found that the best time to face my challenges is now. So here are three insights I have to offer: the three C’s that I frequently fight with. Lack of CONVICTION: There are several reasons why this continually hinders…

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    Get To Know The Ronald McDonald House

    RMHC-Madison provided 8,248 room nights to families with a sick or injured child through the Ronald McDonald House and Ronald McDonald Family Room, and offered preventative healthcare services to over 275 children with 130 emergency room visits avoided through the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile. Our Mission Believing that every family deserves access to healthcare, RMHC-Madison creates, finds, and supports programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children and their families. Our Vision A community where all families have access to healthcare and the support needed to fully participate in their children’s care. Programs & Services Ronald McDonald House Charities of Madison (RMHC-Madison) was established in 1993 to provide a “home-away-from-home” for families of children being treated at area hospitals.…

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    The 3 Levels of Listening to Property Buyers

    Dealing with objections is more than just giving them flowers. “My wife is mad at me. Again.”   My coaching client, Mark, was complaining to me about an incident with his wife that happened after he got back from work the previous evening.   “She was talking about a problem with one of her co-workers. Oh Darcy, it was so obvious what she needed to do! So I told her. And instead of being grateful, she stormed out of the kitchen. And she gave me the silent treatment all night. This seems to be happening a lot lately. What should I do?” Mark and I had built a good relationship,…

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    Lending Update

    Happy Spring, sort of……I am guessing we are going to end up going straight from Winter to Summer since we have apparently missed Spring! I am sure we have all been busy preparing for the Spring buying season.  I know I have many, many Pre Approvals and not as many Accepted Offers as I was expecting.   I am hearing from fellow lenders and Realtors that we are all in the same boat for the most part.  Lack of inventory is an issue as well as rising rates.  Frustrating but, understandable after the past 2 years of a booming market.   As a Lender, I have noticed more interest in Arm…

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    The Wheel of Life

    Have you ever had several days in a row where you’re just not feeling all that great mentally? (What a silly question…of course you have – you’re a human!).  Maybe you notice a tightness in your chest, shoulders, neck. Or maybe you feel all around heavy energy and lots of negative emotions. Perhaps you even notice this thought cross your mind: “My. Life. Sucks.”  I’ve noticed that when we don’t feel good physically, we have our go-to – maybe we take some ibuprofen, drink some water, lay down to rest. When we don’t feel good mentally, however, what do we tend to do to help ourselves? One thing I’ve learned that helps…

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    Brio Design Homes Custom Lakeside Build – Virtual Tour and Details

    As master home builders, Brio Design Homes knows your home is more than just a house. It is a reflection of how you and your family live, entertain and relax. Our Traditional style home in Merrimac provides the perfect blend of classic and modern features with a touch of rustic elegance for all to enjoy! The home was designed to make views of Lake Wisconsin the focal point and create luxurious living space inside and out.  Tour the home virtually from the comfort of yours here on the Brio Design Homes website. The exterior contrasts Summit Blue LP Smartside with Snowscape white columns with stone bases and black exterior/white interior…

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    Make Your Fireplace Yours

    Sometimes you move into a house and the fireplace is good, but you know you can make it amazing with a facelift. Or you buy a home that doesn’t have a fireplace. No matter your vision, we can help bring it to life. Get started today with Fireside Hearth & Home, the fireplace experts since 1951. We can help build your perfect project together. Get Started Today at Fireside.com Fireside Hearth & Home | 6709 Watts Rd, Madison, WI 53719