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    Minimalist Design is the Latest Trend in Kitchen and Bath Remodels

    Minimalist design is the latest trend in kitchen and bathroom remodeling.  Clean is functional and less is more.  Minimalist design is taking the all the focal points away and making the room speak for itself.  In a kitchen space this often lends itself to a better flow and more functionality.  In a minimalist kitchen everything must have use or it must go.  Ultimately this creates less clutter on the counters allowing for more functionality of the kitchen.  Every item usually has a dual purpose and there are no duplicate items in a minimalist kitchen. This minimalist kitchen that Washa Remodeling just completed in the Shorewood Hills neighborhood fits that exact…

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    Patience in a Pandemic

    Whether you need more space, less maintenance, more country, less rent – you are ready to buy a home during a pandemic. Like most everything else in 2020, the mortgage experience has changed and practicing patience has never been a more important part of the home financing process.   Buying a home even in “normal” times can be a time consuming task, but preparing for an unusually long journey will help minimize stress for both you and your home-buying partners. In a world of instant digital answers – what’s the hold up?   Your lender is juggling a continued robust purchase market along with an all-time high refinance demand. Some…

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    Attitude of Gratitude

    Here we are again—still. Another day, week, month of suiting up to go grocery shopping, drooling as we drive past our favorite restaurants, proudly wearing our colorful, personalized PPE, and social distancing from our friends and colleagues. (One interesting side note: I just read that deodorant sales our down!) Still, we carry on, persevere, press ahead. Actually, we seem to do more than just merely survive; we acknowledge our current situation and fearlessly face forward with an Attitude of Gratitude. When asked how they are surviving, some people talk about being thankful while others use the word grateful. I like both, and I’m sure I have used both. But somehow,…

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    Market Update October 2020

    Market Update October 2020 Here’s how real estate performed across the southern part of our state this year, according to the RASCW’s statistical reporting… If you would like to download the full report, including interest rate forecasts and stats by county across the region, please use the link below: Get the Full Report

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    Market Update – September 2020

    Home Sales Single family and condo homes sales were down about 6% compared to the same time last year. Undoubtedly, this is due to the lower inventory of homes for sale that our market continues to deal with. Inventory Inventory remains low for single family and condo homes in Dane County. Prior to COVID affecting real estate sales (and practically everything else in our lives) inventory was already low in the Dane County area. Even though sellers are starting to return to the market, inventory is tight and buyers face competition for the homes that are available. Home Prices The average sale price for sold homes over the past month…

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    Connecting With Buyers Through Drone Photography

    Clouds drift and light falls through leafy trees onto the porch of a secluded home. We suspend the viewer in time and space, capturing for a moment the essence and beauty of this place. They quickly envision their kids playing in the yard, their family taking walks through the neighborhood, and the feelings of what life might be like in this new home. Aerial photography is about so much more than just showing details of a home, itʼs about evoking an emotional connection with the viewer and building a relationship between them and the property. As a listing agent, you provide the solution to a buyerʼs one explicit problem: “Where…

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    Mortgage Update – September 2020

    With 30- year rates continuing to hover below 3%, the refinance and purchase market is exceptionally strong. I hope this note finds you all safe and healthy!  My name is Joe Boyle, and I am a Mortgage Loan Originator with Cornerstone Home Lending, LLC. What a year 2020 has been thus far.  Sitting down to write a column regarding the mortgage business is tough today for one reason!  Where do I start!?  Covid-19, mortgage backed securities, interest rates, supply/demand, a looming Presidential Election, volume/capacity, liquidity crunches, margin compression, governmental regulation, forbearance, furlough…. these are all items we in the mortgage business and real estate industry are dealing with.  First off,…

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    Setting C.L.E.A.R. Goals for Success

    If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else. —Yogi Berra One of the most critical factors in determining your ultimate success is that you know where you’re heading—where you want to end up. To do that, you need goals, realistic goals, short-term and long-term goals designed to get you where you want to go. They’ll act as your signposts, keeping you headed down the right road, in the right direction. And the sooner you set that direction, the less wandering around in circles you’re going to do. Like Wisconsin’s state motto, your goals will keep you moving—“forward.” What are the benefits of a clearly defined…

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    Market Update – August 2020

    Home Sales Home sales in Dane County, for single family and condo homes, remained lower this month than this time last year. Home sales were down almost 100 units, or about 10%, which is likely due to our area’s persistent inventory shortage. Inventory Inventory remained steady (though low) for single family and condo homes in Dane County this month. With inventory sitting at just under 2.5 months of supply, competition for homes can be fierce – especially in the average home price range. Home Prices The average sale price for sold single family and condo homes in Dane County this past month was $361,520. That’s a $38,287 increase over the…

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    Advantages of a Home Warranty vs An Insurance Policy

    When asked why a homeowner should invest in a home warranty, a few reasons that benefit both buyers and sellers come to mind. First, a home warranty fills the “wear and tear” gap created by exclusions to their homeowner’s insurance coverage.  Many items not covered by an insurance policy are often covered by a home warranty. And although Home Warranty, Inc. has a network of preferred technicians, homeowners have the flexibility to choose their own. When service for a covered item is needed, the homeowner pays one low service fee per repair, and that helps provide budget protection. Knowing that many common appliance or mechanical system failures will be taken…